High Seas, High Stakes. the Fascinating Autobiography of an Ocean Yacht Racer . By Alex Bennett

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High Seas,High Stakes.


International yachtsman Alex Bennett has conquered the Southern Ocean, the North and South Atlantic and survived mid ocean rescues, clocking up nearly 200,000 ocean miles in his career.

He is a professional dedicated to the adventure of ocean racing, driven by a fierce, competitive spirit to succeed whilst tackling the world’s toughest short handed ocean races.


High Seas High Stakes.

A true story of life and death at sea. Alex Bennett’s autobiography is an adrenaline fuelled action packed charge through life as a professional offshore yachtsman. 

Alex has survived two dramatic mid Atlantic rescues including abandoning the ill fated Team Philips as the giant catamaran disintegrated during hurricane force winds in December 2000. 

Alex's story unfolds with unique passion and an inspiring sense of honesty as he describes his sailing adventures, the highs and lows of his roller coaster charge through life as an ocean racer. His story includes the captivating journey to winning the biggest two handed yacht race in the world only to sink mid ocean on the return journey whilst sailing back from Brazil to the UK singlehanded. 

This tale is one of unfettered ambition by one man with the vision and personal drive to succeed when others say it can't be done. This determination has propelled him around the world on breath-taking ocean adventures. One of the great sailing books, read his true life story and you can't fail to be inspired.